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For the second year in a row, Wisconsin has been named #3 in volunteering by the Volunteering and Civic Life in America report put out every year. Volunteering has been a long time tradition in Wisconsin and we're proud to show it to the nation!

Here are some facts about volunteering in the United States, in Wisconsin, and in some of our cities:

Throughout the entire United States, 62.6 million people volunteered, contributing 7.8 billion hours and creating a value of $184 billion! That means one in four Americans volunteered throughout the year.

62.5% or 138 million Americans informally volunteered throughout the year.

51% of volunteers without a high school diploma have higher chances of getting a job.

The percentage of volunteers that get a job after being out of work stayed the same, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity.


One in five Millenials volunteered and college students volunteered at twice the rate (26%) as their non-college attending peers (13%).

Working mothers had the highest volunteer rate as 36% volunteered in some way.

Volunteers who serve through a faith-based organization have the highest retention rate at 70% and come back year after year, according to a 2009 report.

35.3% of Wisconsinites or 1,630,800 residents in Wisconsin volunteered, serving 169.03 million hours and contributing $4.6 billion of value. 70% of Wisconsinites engaged in informal volunteering.

The three areas where people volunteered the most were: 1) Fundraising 2) Collecting, distributing, or serving food and 3) Engaging in general labor.

Overall, Wisconsin was in the top 10 states regarding the number of volunteer hours per capita (37.2 hours) and in the percentage of Baby Boomers who volunteered (35.7%). Wisconsin was also in the top five states regarding the percentage of Millenials who volunteered (29.4%) and in the percentage of parents with kids under the age of 18 who volunteered (44.1%).

Madison was #3 in the nation for mid-size cities with a volunteer rate of 40.4%.

Milwaukee is home to 381,839 volunteers. These volunteers makes up 64% of the population in Milwaukee and served 47.1 million hours, contributing $1.1 billion of service. Furthermore, 73% of Milwaukee residents engaged in informal volunteering.

The top three areas of service were: 1) Fundraising 2) Engaging in general labor and 3) collecting, distributing, and serving food.

Milwaukee was in the top 5 large cities that had the most volunteer hours per capita with 39.1 hours and Milwaukee was also in the top ten regarding the volunteer retention rate (69.4%) and regarding the percentage of veterans that volunteer (28%).

Way to keep up the tradition, Wisconsin! #GoVolunteer!